Welcome to Neosys Viet Loi

Neosys Vietloi Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 as a manufacturing and trading company, specializing in providing machineries and consumables for the various industries, such as packaging, printing and office machines with professional organization and services. Neosys Vietloi is a part of the Neosys Group in south Asia with more than 7 branches located in 5 countries and hundreds of agents and clients in all territories.

Our motto is to provide

1) Professional

2) User friendly

3) Cost effective products and consumables made in Vietnam, and ensure customers satisfaction.

Our Bundling tapes are the best of the best quality in the World with highest class production facilities as well as materials as well as quality controls guided by Japanese engineering and technologies.

Introducing Neosys Viet Loi


Neosys Vietloi is controlling Quality of all produced Bundling tapes with highest class Japanese level QC processes and controlling system

Our printed quality control tapes (with strong-bond rubber-based adhesive) can be used for quality control purposes in a wide range of circumstances

Our Motto is completing all production in one factory, which makes big helps to reduce human errors as well as unexpected errors. All production from Coating, Gluing, Slitting, Rewinding and Packing have been made on one process of production, which is important to keep 100% stable quality level.

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